Yea Vol.4 Launch with Phoebe Salmon & Toby Haygarth

28 - 30 November 2018

Launch event: 29 November 2018, 6 - 9pm

This launch event for Yea magazine Vol.4 brings three interesting and diverse bodies of work together. Phoebe Salmon’s storytelling photography, shot over several years, with an emphasis on portraiture, the latest issue of James Lamport’s self-published skateboard magazine and Toby Haygarth’s short film ‘Purple’ which visually explores mental health in young men.


James is the editor in chief of Yea; a large format skateboard magazine exploring the projects, stories, and perspectives of people in skateboarding.There will be a curated reading area for attendees to sit down and flick through a copy of Volume 4.


A small selection taken from Phoebe’s latest works, explore an often male dominated world and its accompanying testosterone doused rituals. Viewed through an unflinching and probing lens, the exhibits offer a very straight-up vision of ‘men being men’ in all corners of the globe.  


Toby’s short film is a sensitive and thought provoking piece examining mental health issues faced by young men today. It highlights new areas for discussion and encourages conversation into this sometimes taboo subject. Previously exhibited by The Tate, BFI and Peckham Festival. 

Still from Purple, Toby Haygarth

Photograph by Phoebe Salmon

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