The Cycle  pt. 1

21 April 2018



Meet at belvedere  SE1 8XX - FREE - £3 for dinner 

The first of a new programme facilitated by San Mei Gallery, ‘The Cycle’ aims to foster and develop knowledge of arts culture in London. By cycling around the capital on an organised tour of various art spaces, from large private galleries to smaller alternative ones, our focus is on understanding what kind of art is being made right now and in what kind of spaces.

We hope to introduce to those involved that there are many different sites across London. Whilst recognizing the attention that established galleries around London hold, the importance lies in expanding the focus.

We hope to foster and encourage those who participate to come and see smaller spaces, importantly as a group together, rather than going alone. 
Cycling across and mapping the city, the end of our tour will end up at San Mei Gallery where we’ll share and enjoy a big meal. The gallery will be a place for talking about what we’ve seen that day and resting from a long day of cycling. ‘The Cycle’ is free, however we’re asking for £3 if you’d like to join in on the meal at the end of the day.

Please RSVP to if you’d like to join! Just bring your bike and yourself, cyclists of all experiences welcome!

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