Dawn Kalu Loughborough Road resident for 20 years.




Getting to know neighbours over the last 2 years through TRA and gardening projects and Close the Road Days has been really great and makes me feel part of a community. 


I have taken the words associated with ‘Home’ and made a reference to the history of our road of beautiful houses where over 100 years ago an acrobatic family lived at number 32. 


In this climate we live such indoor lives. I have built collaged and painted layers to represent our internal and indoor lives, often hidden, deep, rich, as I acknowledge the generations of unknown people who have lived in this house before me. 


It took us more than a year of complaining to get the massive trees in our road cut back. The tree surgeon was like a gymnast in the branches.


This piece was woven by the side of Loughborough Road as part of a community art project, using recycled materials found in the area.


This work is influenced by the gardening jobs and projects I have undertaken, both privately and voluntary around the Loughborough area.

And to part quote the Botanist John Gerard "the delight of gardening is great but the use is greater, joined often by necessity.”

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