Reflection 2018: British and Chinese contemporary art exhibition

Leviathen Hendricks

Ruijun Hu

Valerie Kong

Benjamin Brown

Frederick Freebury Williams

Guo Yiqiao

Huang Runsheng

Huang Shubin

Li Lei

Liu Jie

Liu Yun

Shuai Quanxuan

Wu Qingshan

Zhu Keran

Zuang Zi

17 August - 20 August 2018

Press Release

We are pleased to be exhibiting works of a group of Chinese artists alongside some artists living and working in London. With thanks to the organisers, Leviathen Hendricks, Contemporary Art Research Institute of Sichuan University (CARI, SCU) and Association pour l'art, l'education et la culture par les echanges sino-europeenne (AECESE, Paris).

The exhibition has an off-site piece by Benjamin Brown located at 87 Hackford road (a 10 minute walk from San Mei Gallery).

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