Piano Delay 2020

28 March 2020, 3pm

Piano Delay 2020 is a real time networked performance which will take place on Saturday 28th March (Piano Day) at 3pm GMT. Originally scheduled to be broadcast from our gallery space in Brixton, due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, it will now be live-streamed via weblink from artist Sam Baraitser Smith's home.

It will consist of a group of musicians in different locations improvising over a live audio stream. Each player will hear sounds from the others with a unique delay derived from the speed of their network and their position in the world. They will be encouraged to incorporate this latency into their improvisation, using a set of custom graphic scores.

You are invited to participate in the event by listening or playing. To listen to the livestream, read more about the performance, as well as view the score and technical setup please click here. We will also be live streaming the performance from the San Mei Gallery Instagram account. 

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