You are Only an Image to Me

Tomasz Litra

Magdalena Zoledz

Curated by ONE project.


12 - 14 October 2018

Press Release

Just like an atom is the smallest constituent unit of ordinary matter that has the properties of a chemical element, a pixel is the smallest constituent unit of digital ordinary matter. Glitch is not only a technological mistake made by <cold> computers. It’s also a metaphor for the erroneous idea of humanity that human is in the centre of the world. What if he is not?


- Magda


Do computers make better art than humans? Can mistakes be beautiful?

You are only an image to me is an audio-visual immersive art installation, a result of a collaboration between two artists and machines. Post-photographer Magdalena Zoledz and musician Tomasz Litra, explore the ideas of abstract art and music, error in the art context, post-humanism, and more.


The video captures the moment in which CCTV camera stopped performing its task, as designed by man.  As a result of erroneous information being fed back, software created its own ‘interpretation of seen reality’. Through visible glitches, man becomes merely a mosaic of shapes and colours.  That, in turn, provokes a deeper need for abstract thought, which in the artist’s mind, can only be assigned as a human domain.


During the exhibition opening only, the audience will be able to enjoy a sound performance, in which Tomasz Litra, using piano and other instruments and the means of sound improvisation, will attempt to interpret the camera’s visual art. The exhibition is a record of a construction and deconstruction process of perplexing languages, syntaxes and contexts.


Slow Art Workshops / Saturday 13th October 2018 / 1-3pm

ONE Project would like to invite people of all ages, art adepts and art novice, locals and tourists to Slow Art workshops.  I-Chien Tang, a writer and contemporary art researcher will introduce the key ideas of the movement and together we will learn to look at art through active contemplation, games and other activities.

Co-founder of ONE Project and post-photographer Magdalena Zoledz and a musician Tomasz Litra created this immersive audio-visual spectacle especially for ONE Project and San Mei Gallery in London.  This is the first exhibition curated by ONE Project in London and second in the UK.


Magdalena Zoledz is a post-photographer, author of essays, books and works, which she calls conceptual objects. She exhibited in Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Netherlands and the UK. In 2017 started a PhD programme in photography at University of Fine Arts in Poznan and is a visiting student at Slade School of Fine Art. She is a member of 280A Magdalena is a co-founder of ONE project.


Tomasz Litra is an active musician, improviser and composer. Previously he worked and played with a theatre group (Theater Association "KRZYK") all over Europe, wrote music for documentaries and played with ensembles specialized in collective improvisation and sound appreciation. Currently, he lives in Warsaw and co-runs a record label Lado ABC ( 


ONE Project is an independent curatorial project created by Marta Grabowska and Magdalena Zoledz, a Polish creative duo with an innovative approach to presenting and perceiving art. Championing values of slow art, such as contemplation and building a strong relationship with the artwork, they create immersive art events reaching beyond the ideas of an exhibition, showcasing ONE artwork, theme, book, colour or idea. They are based in London and collaborate with established and emerging, international and British artists who create in a broad variety of media.

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