Le Carnaval des Animaux and Danse Macabre

11 November 2017

An evening of interdisciplinary sound, art and performance. The works have been made in response to Le Carnaval des Animaux and Danse Macabre, two pieces of music written by the French composer Camille Saint-Sans. Paintings, sound pieces, films, sculptures and performances will navigate the fourteen movements of the light-hearted suites of the carnival and culminate with the symphonic poem of the dance of death. 

Introduction and Lion - Haise Pount

Hens and Roosters - Joe Highton and Victor Ruiz Colomer

Fast Animals - Chanthila Phaophanit

Tortoises - Ernie Wang and Rikki Tarascas

Elephant - Eleanor Wang

Kangaroos - Flora Bouteille and Heloïse

Aquarium - Kara Chin and William Leach

Long ears - Tom Chisholm

Cuckoo - Valerie Kong

Aviary - Jezmi Fehmi and Matthew Carey

Pianists - Alex Ho and Livia Wang

Fossils - Sophie Spedding

Swan - Milan Tarascas

Finale - 林奕碩 (Lin, I-Shuo) and Rose Ryan

Danse Macabre - Teddy Truneh

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