Fuzzy Objects

Janet Currier

Nicky Hodge

Jane Millar

12 - 29 March 2020
Press Release

Fuzzy Objects is a moment in an ongoing conversation between Janet Currier, Nicky Hodge and Jane Millar. An installation of paintings, ceramics and soft sculpture, Fuzzy Objects evolves from rolling studio visits with the artists bringing their latest works together, creating new assemblages, seeing what comes to the surface and disbanding to make more work; the threads of their findings then weaving back into the next round of making.


Although their interests and approaches are diverse, the artists share a preoccupation with exploring a kind of transitional zone – the space between things – where objects are coming into being or in a state of flux, shifting from one form into another. In all the work there is a focus on the edges: of the canvas, paper and glazed clay, and a constant re-examination of where things start and finish. There is a picking away at the surfaces and skin that form the boundary between the inside and outside, the public and private, the self and the world. These surfaces are often disrupted by leaking drips of paint, fuzzy brush marks, punctured with holes or by dissonant forms that seem to erupt out of the flatness of wall or paper.


The works are arranged and selected in response to the gallery space creating new correspondences between the three artists’ works.

Resisting a traditional narrative structure the works cannot be read like a story. The installation plays with the allusive and contingent power of the works, allowing meaning to change and transmute through the different combinations, opening up a dialogue with each other and the viewer.

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