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Film Night 二

Wednesday 19th September 2018

7 - 10pm

Join us for a night of short films at San Mei Gallery!

We will be showing a selection of films including:

A Guided Tour, 2018

Livia Wang

The film explores 87 Hackford Road, Van Gogh’s former residence, through tours given from different perspectives. That of a former resident, an art critic, a journalist and an artist.

Q P DElusion, 2018

Ansso An

An animation about three mysterious kids, Q, P and De are taking a delightful break in a snowy night.

Hashima,  Japan, 2002

Thomas Nordanstad and CM von Hausswolff

The deserted island of Gunkanjima was a coal mining colony based on an island roughly the size of a football field. This was the most densely populated place on earth before Mitsubishi, the company who owned the island, closed the operation in 1974. Upon closing they offered the population to apply for jobs on the mainland, leading to a mass-exodus within only a few days on closing its mines. The island was left as if a neutron bomb had gone through it, with people’s breakfasts remaining on the tables, bicycles leaning on the walls, and beds still unmade. It is a harrowing place.

Lintels, 2017

Tom Chisolm

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