Diatom Blooms


21 June 2018 


Diatom Blooms is a celebratory event for the culmination of the Diatom I reading group. Please join us on 21st June 2018 from 6pm for performances and readings from the publications. The performances are based on the different zones under the ocean.


-------------------------------------------EPIPELAGIC/ Photic Zone / Sunlight Zone: descending as low as 200m

-----------------------------------------MESOPELAGIC/ Twilight Zone: descending as low as 1000m

---------------------------------------BATHYPELAGIC/ Midnight Zone: descending as low as 4000m

------------------------------------ABYSSOPELAGIC/ Abyss Zone: descending as low as 6000m

-----------------------------------HADOPELAGIC/ Hadal zone / Hell zone: descending


Diatom I is a reading group. Too busy eating and copulating when it's in the sunlight, Diatom I happens in the extended duration of its hibernation: very quiet, very slow. It reads with its eyes closed, uses hairy starlike feelers that get rushed and withered by the kick-back currents of passing cattle. Reading - thinking, theorising, making, knowing, encountering, speculating - with rather than for or about objects.

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