Criss Cross 2.0

Alicia Fidler

Milan Tarascas

Eleanor Ai Wang

Jayem Won

11 - 31 March 2019

Press Release

San Mei Gallery invited graduates of art and design degrees to complete a residency and teaching programme in Chengdu, China from July to August 2018. The artists selected for 2018 were, Jayem Won and Alicia Fidler, who worked alongside Milan Tarascas and Eleanor Wang to develop the inaugural San Mei Residency.


The aim of the residency was to support two artists to make work over a 6 week period and connect with culture in Chengdu. The first iteration of this exhibition (Criss Cross, Heng Tang Space) came about through a series of studio visits and conversations with artists they met in China. The exhibition consolidated the relationships and time that the artists spent in Chengdu, as well as the work they made.


Coming up to one year on, Criss Cross 2.0 is a presentation of some of the work these artists have been making since the residency.

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