Bright and Risen Angels​

Peter Anderson

5 December 2018 - 6 January 2019

Annie Turner Mussel and Sieve 2017

Press Release

Loud colours. Big words. Edges curving out of the frame. London based photographer Peter Anderson uses a Widelux camera to warp the world around him. Distortion fuels the photographs – from car parts to the drag racing strip – what you see isn’t always what it seems. 


Anderson makes photographs, he doesn't just take them. Details of the Mojave desert are captured in grayscale silver gelatin prints – flashes of black and white shown among over-saturated digital prints. Colours twist the scenery of places closer to home too. From beach-side graffiti to the agricultural machine-scape of rural Normandy, France. 

Film screening and artist talk on Sunday 16th December, 3pm.

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