San Mei Collection


We have hand selected a number of exciting works from up and coming artists to become a part of our temporary rolling collection of works. These pieces will be available to view by appointment in the periods between our programme of events and exhibitions. Please email for any more information or if you would like to make a viewing.


Artists included in the collection:


Marco Robert Allegretti

Rie Blake

Benjamin Brown

Kara Chin

Taylor Smith

Reman Sadani


William Leach

Niamh Roberts

Frederick Freebury Williams

Benjamin Mousely

Ellie Ai Wang

Milan Tarascas

Ina Yoon

Isobel Napier

Valerie Kong

Tomasz Kowalski



Artists Grace Richardson and Tomasz A Kowalski come together in the darkroom at San Mei Gallery to produce a reel of film. Neither have made a film before. Grace and Tomasz are making a reel of film. Camera-less, black and white, unrefined dark-room techniques. “Painterly” textures. The hyper contrast between the analogue and digital that is apparent in both artist’s individual practices.


They want to use this research project to formalise the habits running in the background of both of their practices. These habits involve a more material based approach to production. The artists are not concerned with producing a self contained work of art that poses a question, interrogates it and answers it all in one go.


Tomasz A Kowalski specialises in digital texturing techniques and Grace Richardson likes being in the darkroom.

The artists will be giving a talk about their research further down the line. Please subscribe to our mailing list to keep in the loop.

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